Are you ready to take a sledgehammer to your accounting computer?  


What's Your Problem?
  • Setup?

  • Estimates and Progressive Invoicing?

  • Reports?

  • Payroll Setup and Payroll Taxes?

  • Training?

  • Troubleshooting?

  • Balancing your checkbook?

  • Getting your QuickBooks act together?

  • General business organization?

  • T-Sheet integration?

man smashing computer    COLOURBOX811897
Obviously you are not really going to take a sledgehammer to your computer, so......
What's Your Solution?

Rachel J. Roy Business Services

Don't feel silly or stupid if you just don't understand how bookkeeping works (I've probably seen a lot worse!).  You're good at your business and I am here to help untangle your data entry messes, and payroll nightmares....bring balance back to your books and hopefully your life!  Are your reconciliations driving you insane?  Let's get to work and get them right again!
I am a former bookkeeper with 30 years of experience in small business office management, particularly construction companies.  I have taken small companies from boxes of papers, set up filing systems, office procedures, client intake forms, purchasing and insurance negotiations.  I've LEARNED from all my past mistakes!  
Now, I'm here to bring enjoyment back to your business management.  Let me use my experiences and background to untangle your messed up books and solve sticky payroll situations. Working with you, we'll  set up your accounting system NOT just for your pricey CPA, but for your reporting, billing and informational needs. And if your office procedures need work, I can help you with that too.  Why search three hours for a piece of paper when using my system, you should be able to locate any document within five minutes....if you keep up to the filing!